ODC Stories: Creative direction and experimentation blooms in alumni of ODC’s teen company – The Dance Jam

Emma Lanier and Kylie Woodward-Sollesness

Emma Lanier and Kylie Woodward-Sollesness

Some college students take the summer to relax and recuperate. Others chase internships as they look toward the future. But for those with artistic ambition and a history tied to ODC’s nurturing community–laying bold claim to one’s artistic voice ranks just as high in priority, even as young college students.

ODC Dance Jam alumni Emma Lanier and Kylie Woodward-Sollesness reconnected over the summer after their first year in college, and created choreography for their very own dance collective.

This may sound like a tall order for new college students, but through the relationships they built and the training they received in the Dance Jam, Emma and Kylie already know how to collaborate and manage performance projects. ODC Co-Artistic Director KT Nelson and former ODC/Dance member Liz Heenan provided encouragement and mentoring for the month-long summer dance project they called Pilot Run.

Hoping to experiment with the creative power of constraint, Emma and Kylie gave themselves less than 24 total hours of rehearsal time. As current and former Dance Jammers opted in to the summer project, a dance collective began to come together.

In rehearsal, ODC’s values were evinced in Emma and Kylie’s working style. They listened carefully to their dancers and to each other, they thoughtfully examined phrases, but most importantly, they weren’t afraid to keep pushing forward. ODC’s community and support system helped turn their aspirations into reality. Kylie shared with Anna Boyer (our fabulous Development Intern and former Dance Jammer) that she was proud and thankful to have been in the Jam. It empowered her and Emma to take bold strides and truly create their own artistic practices.

Watch Video:

Pilot Run from Emma Halladey Lanier on Vimeo.

Introducing ODC Stories
ODC’s creative DNA is made up of thousands of bold actions, curious questions, and intelligent individuals. As a Partner in Creativity, you already know a thing or two about the infectious energy and many stepping stones the ODC Creative Campus has to offer dancers, teachers, choreographers, audience members, and families. ODC Stories is an inside look at some of the inspirational moments we see unfolding daily within ODC’s spheres of influence. Your partnership is key in helping continue to foster the discoveries and growth experiences that advance the impact of our community members in the Bay Area and beyond.


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